How to Take Screenshot on OnePlus 3T

How to take Screenshot on OnePlus 3T

OnePlus has added a beautiful yet powerful device in its legacy namely : OnePlus 3T which is said to be powered by Snapdragon 821 which is the powerful chipset yet working very cool with a very compatible 6GB of Ram which is seen on OnePlus 3T. There are various methods to Take Screenshot on Oneplus 3T, all you need to do is to Follow this Wonderful guide.

How to take Screenshot on OnePlus 3T

Take Screenshot On OnePlus 3T

How To Take Screenshot on OnePlus 3T Using Key combination

  • Step 1: Head over to the screen which you want to capture on OnePlus 3T.
  • Step 2: Press and Hold Volume Down and Power button together until you hear a click sound or Screen Flashing.
  • Step 3: You will now see that you have taken Screenshot On OnePlus 3T using Hardware Key Combination.
  • Step 4: Head over to the Gallery on your latest Android 7 Marshmallow powered OnePlus 3T and you will find the latest Screenshot captured there.

How To Capture Screen On OnePlus 3T using Power Menu

  • Step 1: Head over to the Screen which you want to take Screenshot on OnePlus 3T.
  • Step 2: Long Press Power Button until you see a list of Options in the menu.
  • Step 3: Select Screenshot option from the menu displayed.

    Take Screenshot on Oneplus 3T using Power button

    Capture Screen On OnePlus 3T using Screenshot Toggle

  • Step 4: You have successfully taken Screenshot on OnePlus 3T, which can be now found on Gallery in your smartphone.

This is it! You have easily taken Screenshot On OnePlus 3T. Do let us know if you have some other suggestions for Capturing Screenshot On OnePlus 3T.

How To Take Long Screenshot On OnePlus 3T/ OnePlus 3

  1. Go to the screen which you want to capture as Long Screenshot on OnePlus 3T.
  2. Press Power/Lock and Volume Down button that you used to take normal screenshot.
  3. As soon as you take normal screenshot you will see the screenshot popup and you will notice 4 soft icons at the bottom of the image. Just tap on the third icon.
  4. Your phone will now start capturing the whole images in the scroll format. Just tap on the screen when you want to stop the auto mechanism in OnePlus 3T of capturing Long Screenshot.

This is the easiest method to take long screenshot or scrollable screenshot on OnePlus 3T.



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